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Published by Redleaf Press

As early childhood educators, creating an inclusive early childhood environment is more than adapting interactions and the learning environment to help specific children. Every person views the world based on their culture and life experience and identifying our personal culture can empower us to find ways to work with the culture of the children we care for, instead of using strategies to help children adapt to the classroom culture.

Inclusion Includes Us seeks to replace barriers between early childhood educators and their students with an understanding that every person in the classroom has a unique combination of needs and helping children and educators recognize the needs of others. This book will help early childhood educators reflect on how you view yourself and others in terms of both culture and abilities and offers concrete ideas for how to connect with children of all cultures and abilities and create a sense of belonging for all.

152 pages

About Mike Huber

Mike Huber has dedicated his life to serving children, families, and the field of early childhood. He has been an early childhood teacher since 1992 and currently teaches at Seward Child Care Center more..