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Inclusion is not a simple recipe to follow but rather a change in attitude. Many books on inclusion focus on how an educator can adapt their interactions or learning environment to help specific children fit into a classroom, but this creates a dichotomy of “typical” and “atypical” children. This binary thinking is problematic, as it sets up certain behaviors, abilities, and cultures as “the norm,” and any behaviors, abilities, or cultures outside of this as “the other.” Educators must break out of binary thinking to remove barriers in the classroom and create bridges between community members.

Educators can create true inclusion and belonging when they replace binary thinking with constellation thinking, or the understanding that each person in the classroom has a combination of strengths, preferences, needs, and interests that creates a unique constellation. Moving to constellation thinking means thinking of each person in the classroom as an individual, regardless of diagnosis, age, culture, or any other factors. The classroom becomes a community where everyone is a contributing member and everyone belongs.

Inclusion Includes Us includes many real-life examples, practical strategies, and prompts for reflective practice to help educators include everyone—children and adults—in their programs/classrooms.

152 pages


"Wow. What a gift to ALL children in early childhood settings. Mike Huber presents a passionate, intelligent, achievable case for us to progress from settling for “inclusion” to creating and building spaces where everyone authentically belongs. He is one of the field’s strongest voices for nonbinary thinking, children’s movement needs, and the neurodiversity we see in all children! This book is a must-read for early childhood practitioners, administrators, college instructors and policy makers." —Heather Bernt-Santy, MA Ed, That Early Childhood Nerd

"Inclusion Includes Us?is a powerful book that challenges readers to think about inclusion in a new light. Mike Huber expertly guides readers through a series of thought-provoking questions that will help them expand their understanding and question their role as they work and care for children. This book is essential for anyone who wants to learn more about creating ecosystems that promote belonging and joy as central to the well-being of children. With its insights and Hubert's engaging writing style, Inclusion Includes Us will leave a lasting impression on all who read it.?Inclusion Includes us?challenged me to think beyond the surface level of the word inclusion and the use of inclusive language. It made me examine my own beliefs, assumptions, and practices. Mike Huber candidly and openly shares his journey and the many lessons he learned from children and families. The humbleness and humility with which he approaches his learning was moving and left me with a desire to know more." —Miriam Beloglovsky

"In my time as an early childhood consultant, I have never claimed expertise in “special education” because I assumed my focus on self-reflection, creating a sense of belonging, and adjusting the space to meet the needs of the kids (whether they had a diagnosis or not) wasn’t enough. But I do speak play, and I know that all children have the right to a playful childhood. Too many times, we find ourselves in programs where diagnoses, behaviors, and symptoms are all that is seen, and the child gets lost in the haze of it all. Mike Huber’s book so very clearly provides strategy and suggestions for all practitioners looking to reflect on the language they use and their own teaching culture, practices, and assumptions and expand their tool belt with practical applications and opportunities to rethink their guiding ideology. "  —Lisa Murphy, MEd, Author, Speaker, Early Childhood Specialist

About Mike Huber

Mike Huber has dedicated his life to serving children, families, and the field of early childhood. He has been an early childhood teacher since 1992 and currently teaches at Seward Child Care Center more..