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Anti-Bias Activities for the Preschool Classroom
Price: $26.95
Anti-biased, play-based activities developed by the successful YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education Department supports the foundations of children's learning. All activities are organized by 22 themes, support at least one of the six ear...
Anti-Bias Curriculum for the Preschool Classroom
Price: $34.95
The YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education’s anti-bias, play-based curriculum is a framework that can be used independently or within another curriculum. It uses an anti-bias lens that focuses and builds children’s awareness from self to frie...
Focused Portfolios: A Complete Assessment fo the Young Child, 2nd Edition
Price: $39.95
Newly updated with current best practices in observation and assessment using portfolios. Age Focus: 2-6 years Softbound, 320 pgs Available June 2019
Let Them Shine: Inspiring Stories of Empowering Children
Price: $24.95
A collection of inspiring personal stories of empowerment of young children from award-winning Los Angeles principal Michael Alan Haggood.144 pages Available June 2019
Creating Diversity-Rich Environments for Young Children
Price: $17.95
An easy-to-use guide that shows how early childhood professionals can create a positive and inclusive environment for children of all cultures. 88 pages Available June 2019
Lisa Murphy on Child-Centered Environments
Author: Lisa Murphy
Price: $24.95
Lisa Murphy outlines nine characteristics early childhood programs need to create a child-centered environment where play, developmentally appropriate practice, and academic standards come together under one roof. Age focus: 0–8 years208 pages Availa...
Children's Lively Minds: Schema Theory Made Visible
Price: $44.95
Clear, practical advice for adults observing children's cognitive development associated with schema theory.Age focus: 0–5224 pagesAvailable May 2019
Sign Language Card Set
Price: $21.95
Teaching infants, toddlers and preschoolers modified sign language can ease communciation frustration and enhance education for all children. The Sign Language Cards Set give early childhood professionals and families simple directions on how to use ...
Sign Language Cards for Infants and Toddlers
Author: Deborah McNelis
Price: $12.95
Forty commonly used American Sign Language words with simple directions on how to use, and the benefits of, sign language with infants and toddlers.Age focus: 0–340 ring bound, laminated cardsAvailable May 2019
Sign Language Cards for Preschoolers
Author: Deborah McNelis
Price: $12.95
Forty commonly used American Sign Language words with simple directions on how to use, and the benefits of, sign language with preschoolers.Age focus: 3–5.40 ringbound, laminated cards Available May 2019
Developing Social Competency in Young Children
Price: $34.95
Teach young children to navigate the seven Cs of social competency: communication, community building, coping, confidence, conflict resolution, control, and curiosity. Age focus: 0–8 192 pagesAvailable April 2019
Making Lemonade: Teaching Young Children to Think Optimistically
Price: $29.95
Foundational principles partnered with practical, hands-on activities to help children become optimistic thinkers and learners. Age focus: 3–6 160 pages Available April 2019
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