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Age Focus: 3-8
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Available: April 15, 2023
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Produce documentation that is thoughtful, meaningful, and aesthetically pleasing

"Documentation" is often used to describe the process of writing down observations of children for the purpose of assessment. "Pedagogical documentation" involves much more. It's a reflection on and the study of the learning taking place in children, and it supports teacher development and decision-making. It also serves as a powerful tool for communicating curriculum to families through an engaging and meaningful format. To many—even experienced—educators, “pedagogical documentation” is a daunting topic. Author Susan Stacey has a knack for turning seemingly complex ideas accessible. She includes many examples and color photographs to provide a comprehensive and practical guide to documenting children’s ideas, thinking, questions, learning, and play. The book offers foundational information about documentation for those who are new to the process, as well as more sophisticated approaches for those who are further along in the documentation journey. It's filled with examples of real documentation stemming from small and special moments as well as long-term and in-depth projects.

The book has been revised and expanded for the second edition, including material on:

  • Digital documentation.
  • Documentation of infants and non-verbal children.
  • Using documentation as a “thread” to follow the unfolding inquiries of children, including the use of sketch notebooks.
  • Including the teacher’s voice, as well as the children’s, and the role of teacher’s curiosity.
  • Bringing forward new thinking from the educators in Reggio Emilia.
  • Leveraging pedagogical narration as a form of teacher-growth.

Softbound, 160 pg.

Available Spring 2023

About Susan Stacey

Susan Stacey has worked in the field of early childhood for over 35 years, as an early childhood educator, director, college instructor, and practicum advisor. She obtained her Master’s degree at more..