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Published by Redleaf Press

Working with children requires you to be an adaptable leader and teacher, no matter the setting. Learning to Lead will help early childhood professionals at any level cultivate leadership potential and skills with an introduction to leadership theory and practice, including definitions of the functions and styles of leadership.

The roles of empowerment, followership, and advocacy in the leadership process are covered, as well as how to facilitate the leadership development of others. Child care professionals will use their knowledge of child development to understand how to transfer their natural skills to a range of leadership situations. Each chapter is built around a combination of theories, examples, and reflection questions, concluding with a vignette and references for further study.

The third edition includes:

  • Updated and expanded material on working with children in a culturally diverse community while addressing the racial and social injustice and inequity in society
  • Updated and expanded material on how bias, prejudice, discrimination, oppression, and inequity intersect with cultural differences and diversity
  • Updated resources for further reading
  • A new chapter on how to create a leadership and advocacy plan based on topics, reflections, and questions in from the book, to help you take on a leadership role in your program.

176 pages

About Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan, EdD

Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan is the cofounder and president of the Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education-a new, racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse college that provides graduate and more..