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Refuel and improve morale in early childhood.

Caregiver fatigue and low morale is a problem in many early care settings. Overcoming Teacher Burnout in Early Childhood focuses on the many reasons why early childhood professionals can suffer from low staff morale that causes such a high industry turnover rate. Included are ways to motivate and inspire yourself and others to view their work in a way that is healthy, intentional, and creates a high-quality early childhood environment. Personal stories from the field highlight how educators have themselves stayed motivated. The conversational style offers opportunities for self-reflection and group work. Practical steps help caregivers find ways to refuel and bump up morale, providing the energy needed to tackle long-term strategies.

152 pages

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Online Training Course

Based on her best-selling book, the Overcoming Burnout eLearning course provides practical information based on scenarios and includes methods to help educators refuel and recharge to overcome (or prevent) burnout. Course Length: 2 hours / 0.2 CEUs. Delivery Method: Asynchronous eLearning. CDA Competency Area VI: Maintaining a Commitment to Professionalism. Level 1: Beginner MN KCF Content Area: Professionalism Competency Area B: Demonstrating Professionalism.

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Author Ellen Drolette took the time to talk with us about foundations to avoid burnout, misconceptions, and the inspiration behind Overcoming Teacher Burnout in Early Childhood. Click here to read her Author Spotlight interview.

About Ellen M. Drolette

Ellen M. Drolette has been working in the field of early care and education for 25 years. She has served on the board of the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC), is a Global Leader more..