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Ann Pelo is a teacher educator, program consultant, and author whose primary work focuses on reflective pedagogical practice, social justice and ecological teaching and learning and the art of mentoring. Currently, Ann consults early childhood educators and administrators in North America, Australia, and New Zealand on inquiry-based teaching and learning, pedagogical leadership, and the necessary place of ecological identity in children’s – and adults’ – lives. She is the author of several books including the first edition of The Language of Art and co-author of That’s Not Fair: A Teacher’s Guide to Activism with Young Children.

Ann Pelo 's Books

  • Cup: A Vibrant Vessel of Learning and Creativity

    Authors: Bridgette Towle, Angela Heape, Ann Pelo, Margie Carter

    Product Code:
    702149 (Paperback)
    9780942702149 (Paperback)
    Age Focus: 4-7

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    Cup is part of the Reimagining Our Work (ROW) collection. Use the ROW collection to discover how early childhood educators in the field are reimagining their work and thinking alongside children.

  • From Teaching to Thinking

    Authors: Ann Pelo, Margie Carter

    Product Code:
    702033 (Softbound)
    9780942702033 (Softbound)
    Age Focus: 3-7

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    From Teaching to Thinking offers a passionate and thought-provoking alternative to standardized, scripted curriculum, giving educators support and encouragement to reimagine the beauty and wonder of what education could be.

  • Language of Art 2nd Edition: Inquiry-Based Studio Practices in Early Childhood Settings

    Author: Ann Pelo

    Product Code:
    544571 (Softbound)
    544588 (e-book)
    978-1-60554-457-1 (Softbound)
    978-1-60554-458-8 (e-book)
    Age Focus: 3-6
    Full Color

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    Published by Redleaf Press Free sample chapter

    This updated edition includes a new art exploration for teachers to use prior to implementing the practice with children, suggestions on documentation, and inspiring photographs and ideas to show how you can use inquiry-based practices in your own early childhood setting.

    Discover how to create space, time, and intentional processes for children’s exploration and learning to use art for asking questions, exploring hypotheses, and examining experiences from unfamiliar perspectives.

    Age focus: 3–6.

    Softbound, 288 pgs.

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