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Published by Redleaf Press Free sample chapter

Create an inclusive program for children with special needs

This quick guide gives you what you need to start working with children with special needs. Includes a look at:
  • Inclusion in early childhood programs
  • Disability law
  • The framework of an inclusive program
  • Typical vs. atypical development.

Several specific disabilities and special needs are covered including definitions, common characteristics of children with these special needs, and strategies for adaptation to include all children in your program. While not a diagnosis tool, this book will help you identify and accommodate special needs in your program and inform families of when further help may be needed.

88 pages

About Cindy Croft

Cindy Croft is the director of the Center for Inclusive Child Care at Concordia University and on faculty for several university education programs. She has her MA in Education and has worked in the more..