The Schedule of Events provides a calendar listing of training opportunities, presentations, and conferences for early childhood professionals. Each entry includes contacts for more information about the event. Redleaf Press will be attending those events highlighted in red. Redleaf Press authors who are speaking at events are also highlighted.

June 2018

June 10–13 NAEYC's 2018 Professional Learning Institute Austin, TX—JW Marriott Austin
Presentation Title
Meeting Room
Moving beyond false choices for early childhood educators: Untangling the preparation and education, compensation and status, and diversity and inclusion knot Stacie Goffin, Laura Bornfreund, and Albert Wat Diversity & Equity June 11, 8:00–10:00am JW Grand Ballroom Salon 2 - RDS 100
Why does sitting equal learning? Exploring the "why" and the "how" of active learning Rae Pica Curriculum-Theories & Approaches June 11, 10:45am–12:45pm Lone Star Ballroom Salon E - RDS 320
Coaching for conscious change: Using the Framework for Change Model™ to promote continual quality improvement Constant Hine Technical Assistance (Coaching, Mentoring, Consultation) June 11, 10:45am–12:45pm Room 211/212 - RDS 80
Coming to the table with no strings attached: Collaborative leadership using emotional intelligence and emotional transformative approaches Beverlyn Cain, Alicia Smith and Holly Elissa Bruno Professionalism, Leadership & Ethics June 11, 2:00–4:00pm Lone Star Ballroom Salon F - RDS 100
"I'm not going to play with Madison for a hundred years. Are you?" Preventing and addressing oneup/one-down exclusionary dynamics in the classroom and between adults Holly Elissa Bruno Social/Emotional Development June 12, 8:00–10:00am Lone Star Ballroom Salon E - RDS 320
Everyone needs attention: Learning what makes us tick emotionally when young children need our attention Tamar Jacobson Social/Emotional Development June 12, 8:00–10:00am Lone Star Ballroom Salon F - RDS 100
It's time to close the leadership gap in early childhood education Anne Douglass and Stacie Goffin Professionalism, Leadership & Ethics June 12, 10:45am–12:45pm JW Grand Ballroom Salon 4 - RDS 100
Do you want to coach like a neuroscientist? This session will reveal secrets about how the brain works that promote true partnerships in coaching, mentoring, and professional development so you can build trust in the moment and over time Cassandra O'Neill and Monica Brinkerhoff Featured Session June 12, 2:00–4:00pm Lone Star Ballroom Salon D - RDS 320
From play to practice: The wisdom of self-active play education in theory and practice Walter F. Drew, Marcia Nell, Sean Durham and Tom Rendon Training & Professional Development Programs June 12, 2:00–4:00pm Lone Star Ballroom Salon B/C - RDS 200
Powerhouse positive guidance: Turning around behavior struggles and empowering your most rambunctious, challenging, sensitive, and vulnerable toddlers with competence for success Marie Masterson Featured Session June 13, 8:00–10:00am Lone Star Ballroom Salon D - RDS 320
Common mistakes supervisors make: Guiding adults to excel at their jobs Gigi Schweikert Professionalism, Leadership & Ethics June 13, 8:00–10:00am Lone Star Ballroom Salon E - RDS 320

Wed. - Sat.

Washington, DC

NAEYC 2018 Annual Conference

The NAEYC Annual Conference is the largest early childhood education conference in the world. Each year, tens of thousands of teachers, program administrators, students, and researchers choose from hundreds of presentations and exhibits to explore the latest trends and research in the early childhood field.

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Many authors of books found here on Redleaf will present on various topics at NAEYC. See the complete list below.

Presentation Title Presenter(s) Topic/Track Age Group Date/Time Meeting Room Site
Exploring Current Trends in the Research On and Application of Play Policies and Practices Michael Patte
James Johnson
Marcia Nell
Jeff Trawick-Smith
Olga Jarret
John Sutterby
Lynn Cohen
Tugce Tuncdemir
Play All Children 11/14
Room 144AB Washington Convention Center
‘A’ Is for Activist: Stories and Strategies for Resistance Nadia Jaboneta
Meghan Gowin
Alissa Mwenelupembe
Jamie Solomon
Christina Martinez
Peggy Haack
Diversity & Equity Adults 11/14
Room 149AB Washington Convention Center
Guiding Deeper Engagement in Block Play for All Children: The Role of the Teacher Rosanne Regan Hansel
Melanie Fleming
Teaching & Practices Instructional Preschoolers 11/14
Room 151B Washington Convention Center
If You Build It, They Will Come: Purposeful Integration of Mathematics Within STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) Brian Mowry Mathematics Preschoolers 11/14
West Salon H Washington Convention Center
Teaching With the Body in Mind: A Dialogue About Supporting Children's Essential Need to Move to Learn in All Developmental Domains Thomas Bedard
Mike Huber
Ross Thompson
Joey Schoen
Play Preschoolers 11/14
Room 143C Washington Convention Center
From Play to Practice: The Wisdom and Practice of Self-Active Play Education Marcia Nell
Walter Drew
Jim Johnson
Michael Patte
Baji Rankin
Robin Ploof
Heather Ha
Sean Durham
Play All Children 11/14
Room 146A Washington Convention Center
Strength in Hope, Success in Action: Supporting the Dreams and Possibilities of Latino Children and Families Luis A. Hernandez
Jorge Saenz
De Viteri
Diversity and Equity All Children 11/14
Room 147B Washington Convention Center
The Empowerment Project: Early Childhood Professionals as Agents of Change Lisa Guerrero
Ellen Drolette
Advocacy/Public Policy Adults 11/14
Room 149AB Washington Convention Center
When Teachers Face Themselves: Learning What Makes Us Tick Emotionally When Young Children Need Our Attention Tamar Jacobson Social/Emotional Development Adults 11/14
Room 207B Washington Convention Center
Lisa Murphy On Play: The Foudation that Suppports the House of Higher Learning Lisa Murphy Play Preschoolers 11/15
Ballroom C Washington Convention Center
Mi Hogar / Mi Escuela: La Alta Calidad en el Cuidado de la Infancia Require Mucho Amor, Paciencia, y una Red de Apoyo Luis A. Hernandez
Marcela Clark
Sanjuana Frank
Grandes Language Track All Children 11/15
Room 202B Washington Convention Center
Powerhouse Positive Guidance: Turning Around Behavior Struggles and Empowering Your Most Rambunctious, Challenging, Senstive, and Vulnerable Toddlers with Competence for Success Marie Masterson Guidance / Discipline / Challenging Toddlers Behaviors Toddlers 11/15
Shaw/LeDroit Park Marriott Marquis
Is this Normal? Analysis of the Top Four Preschool Motor Development Concerns Mary Lynn Hafner
Audrey June
Physical Development Preschoolers 11/15
150B Washington Convention Center
The Makers' Movement in the Early Learning Classroom: What Does it Look Like, and How do I Make it Happen? Robin Thompson
Michelle Compton
Play Preschoolers 11/15
West Salon H Washington Convention Center
Culture Still Matters! Exploring Innovative Strategies for Culterally Responsive Teaching and Interactions from Infancy to Third Grade Tonia Durden
Stephanie Curenton
Iheoma Iruka
Bryant Jensen
Diversity and Equity All Children 11/15
Room 140A Washington Convention Center
Evaluar Apoyar Maestras Maestros: Tecnicas de un Lider Eficaz Angele Passe Grandes Language Track Adults 11/15
Room 159AB Washington Convention Center
Honoring the Whole Child: Nuruturing Sprirituality Jennifer Mata-McMahon
Michael Haslip
Deborah Schein
Social/Emotional Development All Children 11/15
Room 143C Washington Convention Center
Point/Counter Point: A Lively Exchange on Curent ECE Topics, Trends, Issues Luis A. Hernandez
Maurice Sykes
Professionalism, Leadership & Ethics Adults 11/15
Room 209AB Washington Convention Center
"What Has Two Legs and Loves You?" Still Teaching is the Key of Life Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld Learning Environment All Children 11/15
Marquis Salon 9/10 Marriott Marquis
Nature Education: Start Small or Go Big! Julie Powers
Sheila Williams Ridge
Environmental Education Preschoolers 11/16
Room 151B Washington Convention Center
Trouble-Free Transitions! They're Possible if We Understand Child Development Rae Pica Guidance / Discipline Challenging Behaviors Preschoolers 11/16
Marquis Salon 9/10 Marriott Marquis
Rigorous DAP: Eleven Principles Designed to Assist Early Educators in Making Instructional Decisions That Address the Developmental Needs of Children, as Well as the Academic Content Necessary for Success in School Christopher Brown
Beth Feger
Brian Mowry
Teaching Practices Kindergartners 11/16
Room 103B Washington Convention Center
Blocks, Rocks, and Robots: Nurturing Computational Thinking in Early Childhood Ann Gadzikowski Mathematics Preschoolers 11/16
Room 140B Washington Convention Center
Teaching Strategies That Organize and Support Preschoolers in Joyful Story Retelling M. Susan McWilliams Language and Literacy Preschoolers 11/16
Room 147A Washington Convention Center
Engaging Families and Communities the Easy Way: Activate Passion and Shared Aspirations Cassandra O'Neill
Michael MacEwan
Family Engagement & Support Adults 11/16
Room 151A Washington Convention Center
How to Write Your First Article or Book Gigi Schweikert Professional Development Training & Technical Assistance Adults 11/16
West Salon H Washington Convention Center
Children as Toy Designers: Using the Makerspace to Support Children's Provocations - What is a Toy Designer? What Does a Toy Designer Do? If You Were a Toy Designer, What Materials Would You Use to Design a Toy? Cindy Gennarelli
Elizabeth Cottino
Kristina Deak
Dara Smith
TEaching Practices Preschoolers 11/16
Exhibit Hall A, Poster Session Washington Convention Center
Children's Capacity for Complex World: Challenging Gender Stereotypes in the Early Childhood Classroom Jamie Solomon
Nadia Jaboneta
Diversity & Equity Preschoolers 11/16
Exhibit Hall A, Poster Session Washington Convention Center
Fueling Enthusiasm: Creating and Maintaining a Positive Dispostion and Attitude in Our Work Environments Luis A. Hernandez
Holly Elissa Bruno
Debra Sullivan
Professionalism, Leadership & Ethics Adults 11/17
Room 150B Washington Convention Center
Keys to Restoring Whole Child Education Through the Natural Outdoor Classroom Approach Eric Nelson
Elyssa Nelson
Curriculum - Theories & Approaches All Children 11/17
Room 151A Washington Convention Center
Becoming a Profession of Early Childhood Educators: A Quality Career Creates a Legacy Josh Thompson
Karen Walker
Vivien Geneser
Professionalism, Leadership & Ethics Adults 11/17
Room 204C Washington Convention Center
Starting STEM With Water, Wind, and Weather: Integrating Great Science Explanations With Mathematics, Technology (Including "Unplugged" coding), Literature, and Music Juliana Texley Science All Children 11/17
Room 147A Washington Convention Center