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Choose Your Words: Communicating with Young Children, Second Edition

Choose Your Words: Communicating with Young Children, Second Edition

Author: Carol Garhart Mooney
Product Code: 545264
ISBN: 978-1-60554-526-4
Publisher: ®Redleaf Press
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Fill your classroom with rich conversations

Teachers support cognitive development through meaningful classroom conversations. This updated edition examines adult communication and its influence on children’s behavior and learning. Transform the language you use in the classroom to support language learning, connect words to actions, and develop clear communication practices.

Children look to the adults around them to give words real meaning. Choose Your Words, Second Edition looks at:
  • “Teacher Talk” and how it supports or complicates children’s learning and the world around them.
  • Giving directions and assessing whether we have been successful in our attempts to accomplish these tasks with the young children in our lives.
  • Correcting behavior. What words can we choose to help children connect their words and actions with directives?
  • Appropriate curriculum in language learning for very young children.
  • The importance of plain old talking. Focusing on conversations, discussions, and storytelling. It also briefly discusses the morphing of language into a whole new action as a result of rapid technological change and continual device use by most Americans.
  • Contemporary challenges that make all of these tasks pose such difficult questions and such exciting opportunities.

Age focus: 2–5.

Softbound, 168 pgs. Full color.
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Review by: Erika Christakis - January 8, 2018
As educators navigate a climate of increasing anxiety and expectations about our youngest learners, the essential role of oral language in child development has been neglected. Carol Garhart Mooney restores the art of conversation to its rightful place in the early childhood curriculum and provides an indispensable program for teachers, new and old, looking to make their words matter. Clear, comprehensive, and highly engaging, Choose Your Words should find a special place on every teacher’s bookshelf.
Review by: Holly Bruno - January 8, 2018
In Choose Your Words, Carol Garhart Mooney gently and non-shamingly offers practical everyday loving ways to choose and use words so warmth and humor, understanding and positive action can result. Don’t miss this ever-so-readable guidebook! Your work and spirit and optimism will be uplifted.
Review by: Mary Moran - January 8, 2018
An invaluable book for teachers and parents who strive to make a positive impact on the language development and communication experiences of young children. It is perhaps Mooney’s emphasis on the dialectic between careful and targeted listening and opportunities to hone communication capabilities that is most helpful in guiding how we make meaning through language with young children.

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