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Age Focus: 2-8
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Encourage Kindness and Empathy in Young Children

How can we support children and teachers' continued growth as kind, caring, compassionate people who work towards equity in this world? At School for Friends in Washington, DC, educators Makai Kellogg, Magy Youssef, and Sabina Zeffler and mentor Jacky Howell have worked to nurture and strengthen children’s dispositions for empathy and kindness, anchored by Quaker values, the guiding principles of the Black Lives Matter movement, and mindfulness practice, with a lens of social justice and equity. The authors weave real stories and reflections as they trace the learning journey of children in their program from toddlers through the time they leave for kindergarten.
  • Magy’s story of Frank the Fish opens up the world of toddlers who not only learn how to care for their classroom pet but also naturally build and display empathy as they come to understand disability.
  • Makai highlights empathy as the first and foundational Black Lives Matter guiding principle. Using children’s literature, Kellogg’s students develop a deeper perspective with social-emotional learning beyond “being nice.”
  • In her work with the oldest preschoolers, Sabina shares in her story the many ways she focuses on perspective taking with her group, including stories of heartful listening, holding space, and cognitive flexibility.
  • The three educators with mentor Jacky reflect on their experiences together as they exercise the empathy and perspective-taking we ask children to practice.

This inspirational book brings readers inside the school to aid them in their own personal and professional reflections on practices and ways of being with children in this shared journey towards a better world.

Age Focus: 2–8. Softbound, 120 pgs.
Available March 2024

About Jacky Howell

Jacky Howell has more than 30 years of experience as a trainer in early childhood development and curriculum. She has worked as an early childhood teacher and administrator for more than 35 years. more..