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Kids Can Cope (8 book set)
Author: Gill Hasson   Illustrated by: Sarah Jennings
Price: $94.95
Beginners Are Brave
Author: Rachel Robertson   Illustrated by: Faryn Hughes
Price: $17.95
Wisteria Jane Set
Author: Amber Harris   Illustrated by: Ard Hoyt
Price: $29.95
I See You
Author: Michael Genhart
Price: $15.95
Kimmy's Marvelous Wind-Catching Wonder
Author: Linda Glaser   Illustrated by: Rachael Balsaitis
Price: $16.95
Race Car Dreams
Author: Sharon Chriscoe   Illustrated by: Dave Mottram
Price: $16.95
In the Wind
Author: Elizabeth Spurr   Illustrated by: Manelle Oliphant
Price: $6.95
Last Stop on Market Street
Author: Matt De La Pena   Illustrated by: Christian Robinson
Price: $17.95
Today I'm Going to Wear
Author: Dan Stiles
Price: $9.95
Little White Rabbit
Author: Kevin Henkes
Price: $7.95
Crown on Your Head
Author: Nancy Tillman
Price: $8.95
Bugs Galore
Author: Peter Stein   Illustrated by: Bob Staake
Price: $8.95
My Yellow Umbrella
Author: Chris Robertson
Price: $9.95
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