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All children deserve the tools to fight off whatever dragons they encounter and move happily through life.

In Happily Ever Resilient Dr. Stephanie Goloway uses current trauma research and beloved multicultural variants of classic children's fairytales to create joyful, playful learning experiences for young children.

Part one of the book covers why using fairytales in early childhood classrooms supports resilience and literacy in all children, especially important for children who have experienced trauma and toxic stress. Part two covers how to do this. Each chapter includes

  • Story Magic: information about the fairytale and its multicultural variants, how the story connects with the protective factors of resilience, and suggestions for storytelling and storyacting


  • Caring Magic: activities that help children make connections with each other and adults in their lives, related to the story


  • Doing Magic: suggestions for adapting classroom learning centers to support children’s engagement with both the fairytale and resilience, along with projects that promote initiative and executive functions


  • Superpower Magic: activities, songs, and games related to the story that foster self-regulation as well as ways the story can be used to support calm, integrated transitions and routines

By tapping into the extraordinary magic of fairytales early childhood educators can create the ordinary magic of resilience.

160 pages


"This book takes well known fairy tales to help children grow and deepen their resilience. Brilliantly crafted, here's a treasure trove of fun and simple activities, such as play, the arts, movement, and storytelling to make a real difference in children's lives." —Jerry Moe, MA, Emeritus National Director of Children's Programs, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

"With a woosh of her wand and a trail of glitter, Stephanie Goloway transforms the classic fairy tales all children have grown up hearing into tools for learning and emotional support. Using both research and whimsy, the author shows educators how to make these well-loved stories resources for helping young children recover from trauma, amass the protective factors that lead to healthy development, and become shining examples of the resilience that all children need. Here’s the magic you’ve been looking for." —Laura J. Colker, EdD, co-author of?Trauma & Young Children: Teaching Strategies to Support & Empower; Making Lemonade: Teaching Young Children to Think Optimistically; and?The Creative Curriculum for Preschool.

"Happily Ever Resilientreminds educators of the importance of fairy tales and how these fairy tales teach important life lessons. Each chapter of the book provides essential information on building caring and positive interactions that help children develop resilience. However, my favorite parts of the book are the practical resources, activities, and ideas that educators of any age or grade level can utilize to build a program's curriculum. This book brings back the magic of childhood. Let the magic begin!"  —Debra L. Lawrence, President, American Association for Promoting the Child's Right to Play; Associate Professor, Delaware County Community College

"Sometimes a book comes along that from the moment you lay eyes on it makes your heart flutter. Happily Ever Resilient is one such treat. Exploring fairytales, resilience and the work of Vivian Gussin Paley, it offers a blueprint on how to get the most out of these powerful components in your classroom. The book is rich in practical ideas alongside an abundance of information on why fairytales connect with us at such a visceral level. Follow the breadcrumbs and you will uncover the magic."  —Trisha Lee, founder and artistic director, MakeBelieve Arts and Helicopter Stories

"What a creative but practical book for early childhood educators! Goloway not only examines the ways trauma affects young children but presents developmentally appropriate approaches to promote resilience into child-centered, literacy-rich curricula through fairy tales and storytelling. Goloway also offers activities that support children to act on their ideas, persist in problem-solving, and supports their agency in activities. Other supporting information and additional resources are presented. It is a timely book!"  —Dr. Don Yarosz, Department of Early Childhood Education, Walden University

"Here is a wonderful argument and multiple examples of how traditional story, fairy tale (as in this book), myth, and folklore, provide road maps for emotional and intellectual development. In Happily Ever Resilient, Stephanie Goloway gives teachers a detailed template of activities to release the power of story time. While directed at early childhood educators, Goloway’s explanations and examples will provide inspiration to any adult for building their own imaginative and educational interactions harnessing the power of play. Particularly in these very stress-filled times, this book reaffirms how the old stories become new again as each child sets off on their own life journey, meeting monsters, coming to crossroads, and summoning the magic powers of resilience."  —Gerald Fierst, author and storyteller

"In Happily Ever Resilient, Stephanie Goloway masterfully connects the hopeful, healing message of resilience with storytelling. She beautifully shows how stories that engage children’s imaginations can also provide a foundation to strengthen key protective factors that promote children’s resilience. Teachers who want to better understand how the ordinary magic of resilience can come alive in the classroom should start by reading this important new resource."  —Susan Damico, MA, Director, Devereux Center for Resilient Children

About Stephanie Goloway, EdD

Stephanie Goloway is a lifelong advocate for the power of the imagination, play, and storytelling. She is a professor emeritus of early education and child development at the Community College of more..