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Published by Redleaf Press

An invaluable tool for directors and supervisors

Based on Laura Colker, Derry Koralek, and Diane Trister Dodge’s classic book, originally published by NAEYC in 1993, High-Quality Early Childhood Programs offers detailed descriptions of what one should see in high-quality programs (and why) to provide a strong foundation of child development knowledge and principles translated into practice.

High-Quality Early Childhood Programs will help:
  • identify what aspects of an early childhood program need improvement
  • give staff feedback that positively alters their practice
  • guide teachers or caregivers to take a thoughtful look at their own practices

This new book covers current brain research, updated early learning standards and assessments, tips on how to engage families, the use of technology, dual language learners, and children with special needs.

193 pages

Authors Derry Koralek and Laura J. Colker chatted with us about inspiration, misconceptions, and gratitude. Click here to read their Author Spotlight interview.

About Laura J. Colker

Laura J. Colker is an international author, lecturer, and trainer in early childhood education. She is the author, or coauthor, over 150 publications and instructional guides and has contributed to more..

About Derry Koralek

Derry Koralek spent more than 14 years writing and editing publications for NAEYC.  She was the Editor in Chief of Young Children, NAEYC’s peer-reviewed professional journal and creator and more..