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The essential how-to guide for loose parts

Take loose parts from inspiration to implementation with this practical, easy-to-use loose parts manual. Loose Parts in Action provides specific instructions and a step-by-step process for infusing loose parts into early learning environments, to make implementing loose parts simple and approachable for educators in programs of all types.
Learn what goes into placing loose parts in the environment, introducing them to children, supporting their use, encouraging and sustaining interest, and taking care of loose parts. Prevent the unsuccessful implementation of loose parts, which can lead to the elimination of loose parts or prescribed play rather than deep, meaningful play. With interactive opportunities such as reflections, exercises, action plans, and assessment tools, this learning workbook teaches how to adapt loose parts to individual contexts. With Loose Parts in Action, anyone can bring the beauty and imagination-rich possibilities of loose parts to their program to spark children’s curiosity and learning.

About Lisa Daly

Lisa Daly is passionate about transforming early learning to deepen meaningful experiences and connections, innovation, creativity, and reflection. Her professional work is centered around more..