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The essential how-to guide for loose parts

Take loose parts from inspiration to implementation with this practical, easy-to-use loose parts manual from Lisa Daly, coauthor of the best-selling and award-winning Loose Parts series. Loose Parts in Action provides specific instructions and a step-by-step process for infusing loose parts into early learning environments, to make implementing loose parts simple and approachable for educators in programs of all types. With Loose Parts in Action, anyone can bring the beauty and imagination-rich possibilities of loose parts to their program to spark children’s curiosity and learning.?
Learn how to:
  • Foster children's engagement and learning with loose parts
  • Make a plan to incorporate loose parts into your program
  • Collect loose parts, including involving families and community resources
  • Attractively display and store loose parts

Includes interactive opportunities such as reflections, exercises, action plans, and assessment tools to help you adapt loose parts to your own setting.


"Lisa Daly has done it again! Loose Parts in Action is insightful, practical, and easy to use, a much-needed how-to guide that will support successful implementation of loose parts in center-based and family childcare programs. Its simple language and elegantly crafted reflective spaces allow educators to pause, reflect, and weave the content into their everyday practice. From start to finish, the intentionally laid out action-plan feels like being mentored by Lisa herself! This self-paced interactive handbook is a great resource that will guide our educators as they foster loose parts play in their programs." —Dr. Deepa J. Aier, PhD, CCC-SLP

"This ultimate how-to guide was the missing link we all needed to implement and meaningfully use loose parts to enhance critical thinking and play invitations in our classrooms. There should know be no question as to WHY and HOW we can use loose parts! It’s an encyclopedia for everything there is to know about loose parts." —Michelle Compton, MA, coauthor of StoryMaking and ArtMaking

"Lisa Daly has brought the uses of loose parts to life. She has delved deeper than simply beautiful photographs by providing easy-to-follow suggestions for how to use loose parts productively with children. She has answered all the questions I've encountered from teachers over the past several years and provided sound research and rationale by giving simple-to-follow suggestions and real-life examples. This is a book that all teachers would benefit from reading. I will refer to it again and again as a source for how-to's, ideas, and answers to teachers' questions about loose parts in action." —Robin Chappele Thompson, PhD, coauthor of StoryMaking and ArtMaking

About Lisa Daly

Lisa Daly is passionate about transforming early learning to deepen meaningful experiences and connections, innovation, creativity, and reflection. Her professional work is centered around more..