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Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan is the cofounder and president of the Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education-a new, racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse college that provides graduate and undergraduate education and professional development for people who work with young children. Prior to beginning the Praxis Institute, she served six years as the dean at Pacific Oaks College Northwest. Dr. Sullivan has worked in higher education for the last twenty-three years as a teacher, researcher, curriculum developer, and administrator. She earned her doctorate in educational leadership and her master's degree in curriculum and instruction from Seattle University. Currently, Dr. Sullivan serves on Washington State's Early Learning Council, the Foundation for Early Learning Advisory, the Families and Education Levy Oversight Committee, the National Association for the Education of Young Children Professional Development review panel and nominating panel, and the ParentMap Magazine editorial board. Publications: Learning to Lead: Effective Leadership Skills for Teachers of Young Children (Redleaf Press, 2003) Dr. Sullivan teaches undergraduate and graduate-level leadership classes and has over ten years of experience providing consultation, workshops, presentations, and addresses on topics such as leadership development, cultural relevancy, organizational change, and school readiness.

Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan, EdD 's Books

  • Learning to Lead, 3rd edition: Effective Leadership Skills for Teachers of Young Children

    Author: Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan

    Product Code:
    547541 (Softbound)
    978-1-60554-754-1 (Softbound)

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    This classic early childhood leadership book helps early childhood professionals at all levels navigate the multiple roles they must fill as child care providers, while developing leadership skills in themselves and others.

    The third edition includes:

    • Updated and expanded material on working with children in a culturally diverse community while addressing the racial and social injustice and inequity in society
    • Updated and expanded material on how bias, prejudice, discrimination, oppression, and inequity intersect with cultural differences and diversity
    • Updated resources for further reading
    • A new chapter on how to create a leadership and advocacy plan based on topics, reflections, and questions from the book, to help you take on a leadership role in your program

  • Cultivating the Genius of Black Children: Strategies to Close the Achievement Gap in the Early Years

    Author: Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan

    Product Code:
    544052 (Softbound)
    978-1-60554-405-2 (Softbound)
    Age Focus: 3-9

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    Published by Redleaf Press Free sample chapter

    There has been much attention given to the opportunity gap between white and minority students, especially African American children. Using research and years of experience Cultivating the Genius of Black Children is able to break down the cultural influences on learning style and provides a practical approach to helping Black children thrive in the classroom.

    Softbound, 184 pages.

    Age focus: 3–9

  • Description & More Details

    Published by Redleaf Press

    Four dynamic leaders in early childhood share their insights and advice on a dozen professional development topics. Learning from the Bumps in the Road is a unique compilation of conversational essays that will prompt you to reflect on and strengthen your skills and abilities as you work with children, families, and colleagues. Topics include social-emotional competence, building relationships that support children, diversity and multicultural readiness, overcoming self-doubt, intentionality, power imbalances, technology, and curriculum and assessment.
    264 pages

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