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Age Focus: 2-8
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Published by Redleaf Press

The Original Learning Approach is a new reflective practice that can be applied to any pedagogical method, philosophy, or context. Influenced by the Reggio Emilia Approach and AnjiPlay, The Original Learning Approach facilitates observation, imitation, and practice for learning through play. By incorporating wonder, curiosity, joy, knowledge, imagination, interaction, risk, time, reflection, and listening into children’s play, this teaching lens will help early childhood professionals nurture continuous lifelong learners.

With questions, reflections, and stories of practice, The Original Learning Approach will help child care providers create a range of inclusive types of play and play experiences focused on interacting with people, materials, nature, the indoors, time, and the children themselves. Cultivate learning in your program that allows children to learn naturally and at their own pace.

200 pages

About Suzanne Axelsson

Suzanne Axelsson works as a pedagogical consultant using listening and philosophy with children as tools to improve democratic play and learning spaces in early childhood education. She works in the more..