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Weave a tapestry of play and learning in your early childhood education practices

The Original Learning Approach is a new reflective practice inspired by Reggio Emilia that allows children to learn and play naturally and at their own pace and can be applied to any pedagogical method, philosophy, or context. The Original Learning Approach facilitates observation, imitation, learning, and practice through autonomous play. By incorporating wonder, curiosity, joy, knowledge, imagination, interaction, risk, time, reflection, and listening into teaching, this play-responsive lens will help early childhood professionals nurture continuous lifelong learners.

With questions, reflections, and stories of practice, The Original Learning Approach helps early childhood educators create a range of inclusive types of play and play experiences focused on interacting with materials, nature, the indoors, time, and the children themselves. Cultivate learning in your program that allows children to learn naturally and at their own pace.

200 pages


"In The Original Learning Approach, Suzanne Axelsson invites us and challenges us to redefine our own views about early childhood education and our vision of children, starting with the terms we constantly use to understand how our interpretations guide our practices. With a keen focus on understanding the child as a unique individual, the book is essential in today's educational climate because it provides educators a fresh perspective that challenges them to develop a new vision for what their work can achieve."  —Miriam Beloglovsky, author, speaker, and professor of early childhood education

"Suzanne Axelsson is one of the most courageous, original, and provocative thinkers working in early childhood education today. There is a magnificent, unquenchable curiosity behind this book. Her ability to show us new perspectives on how our youngest citizens learn by turning conventional thinking on its?head is challenging, even at times upsetting, but ultimately an experience that will transform how you see young children and how they learn." —Tom Hobson, Co-Founder, Teacher Tom's World

"Suzanne Axelsson never talks down to the reader. Still, she adds profound philosophical insights in such a conversational way that I slammed on my mental brakes, wondering, "Did she just say that?" She doesn’t preach about inclusiveness, but instead demonstrates over and over how to treasure each child's differences. To take inclusiveness a step further, she advocates for valuing the wisdom of indigenous peoples. How does she recommend we do this? By listening. I suspect that if Suzanne had to pick one trait of a great early childhood educator, parent, or politician, she would choose listening."  —Jay Beckwith, play systems designer and advocate 

About Suzanne Axelsson

Suzanne Axelsson works as a pedagogical consultant using listening and philosophy with children as tools to improve democratic play and learning spaces in early childhood education. She also works more..