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Age Focus: 0-8
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Published by Redleaf Press
Understand the important indicators of development in children in five developmental domains: Physcial/motor, social/emotional, language, cognitive, and the recently added approaches to learning.

Developmental Milestones of Young Children will help you:
  • Observe and document children’s progress with proper technique
  • Develop partnerships and communication with families
  • Understand the most up-to-date developmental indicators

This handbook is not meant to be a diagnostic tool for children with developmental delays. Instead, it serves as a guide to the benchmarks of typical development for each age and stage that almost all children go through.

Maintain good documentation with the Developmental Milestones Observational Record, a tool that can be used with this book to add consistency and validity to children’s records. The Observational Record can be downloaded in the Web Components tab.

88 pages

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