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Nick Terrones has been at Hilltop Children's Center in Seattle, Washington, since July 2006. In that time he has worked with three- to five-year-olds, and currently is in his twelfth year working with toddlers and their families in the Raindrop Room. He enjoys the outdoors very much (backpacking/hiking and snowboarding), and anything that allows him and his dog, Ghenga, to romp around. Playing the drums, ukulele, guitar, and bass also keep Nick grounded. Outside of Hilltop, Nick is an active leader in the World Forum Foundation's Working Group, Men in Early Childhood Education, which strives to promote gender balance in the education workforce.

Nick Terrones 's Books

  • Can of Worms: Fearless Conversations with Toddlers

    Author: Nick Terrones

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    702705 (Paperback)
    9780942702705 (Paperback)

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    Toddlers ask big, bold questions every day. Teachers and caregivers give shape to the world as they respond to those questions. The conversation unfolds in an electric moment—an awkward, exciting, bewildering moment. We may be surprised or taken aback, but the disequilibrium is a gift. With courage and care, we can connect with children at the level of curiosity and meaning.

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