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Water is in our oceans and rivers, and in the pipes of our houses and schools. Water—in one way or another —is part of every day.

The third component of the Young Scientist Series helps you guide children as they deepen their understanding of liquids and the properties of water. Nationally field-tested, this curriculum helps children develop basic science skills such as questioning, investigating, and discussing, as well as the forming of ideas and theories.

With this program, you will guide children as they:

  • Explore concepts related to water's flow, appearance, and effect on objects
  • Use a variety of water materials at the classroom water table and at the water center.
  • Develop scientific dispositions, including eagerness to learn, curiosity, and interest in exploring water with a variety of materials

The Young Scientist Series has all the tools you'll need to do serious science in the preschool classroom, including sample and reproducible charts and forms. Subject areas in this curriculum also correlate to the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework.

168 pages

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