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As an early childhood professional who works with infants, you provide the care and nurturing they need to grow and flourish. You make a difference in their first year—one that is filled with remarkable growth. Being an infant teacher requires knowing and understanding infants, observing them closely, and responding appropriately to their subtle and not-so-subtle cues. Use this workbook to gain insight into the amazing capabilities of infants, learn about their development, create a more infant-appropriate routine and program, and provide them with security, comfort, and stability as they explore and learn with confidence. This is a great educational and training tool whether you are a veteran educator, new teacher, college student, or career seeker. You'll learn fascinating facts, and you'll be reminded of how important your job as an early childhood professional truly is. 80 pages.

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Gigi Schweikert is a popular speaker at early childhood conferences and parenting seminars. She is the author of several books, contributes to early childhood periodicals and journals, including more..