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Learn to work with—not just for—parents

This updated second edition of Parent-Friendly Early Learning brings to life real scenarios that care providers face in today’s world. We know parent engagement is important for a child’s success, but how do you turn parent-provider relationships into partnerships?

Parent Engagement in Early Learning will help you:
  • Improve parent-teacher communication
  • Better understand a parent’s perspective
  • Discuss child development with families
  • Develop and uphold policies
  • Involve your director or leader to work well with families

This user-friendly guide is perfect for both beginning and seasoned professionals that are interested in working with—not just for—parents.

202 pages

About Julie Powers

Julie Powers, MA, grew up in the Sonoran Desert and lives in Maui, Hawaii, during the school year and outside Telluride, Colorado, in the summers and loves each ecosystem. She has an MA from Pacific more..