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Parent Engagement in Early Learning: Strategies for Working with Families

Parent Engagement in Early Learning: Strategies for Working with Families

Author: Julie Powers
Product Code: 544380
ISBN: 978-1-60554-438-0
Publisher: Redleaf Press®
$29.95 Qty: 

Published by Redleaf Press Free sample chapter

Learn to work with—not just for—parents

This updated second edition of Parent-Friendly Early Learning brings to life real scenarios that care providers face in today’s world. We know parent engagement is important for a child’s success, but how do you turn parent-provider relationships into partnerships?

Parent Engagement in Early Learning will help you:
  • Improve parent-teacher communication
  • Better understand a parent’s perspective
  • Discuss child development with families
  • Develop and uphold policies
  • Involve your director or leader to work well with families

This user-friendly guide is perfect for both beginning and seasoned professionals that are interested in working with—not just for—parents.

Age focus 0–8. Softbound, 202 pgs.
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Review: California Bookwatch - July 16, 2016
Parent Engagement in Early Learning: Strategies for Working with Families appears in its second edition to not only encourage family engagement in a child's educational process, but to show teachers how to improve and encourage parent-teacher communications. From developing and enforcing new policies and understanding the modern family's special concerns and challenges to using social media and developing or revising school or classroom policies, this encourages teachers to understand and tackle the basics of communicating with parents. The addition of case history examples makes for a specific, important guide especially recommended for teachers who find parents challenging and who want to craft better lines of communication with improved results for all.
Review by: Helen Dumon, Midwest Book Review - March 19, 2016
Thoroughly 'user friendly' in commentary, organization and presentation, "Parent Engagement in Early Learning: Strategies for Working with Families" is very highly recommended for academic library Professional Development and Parent Participation reference collections and supplemental studies curriculums.
Review by: Margie Carter - November 23, 2015
Strategies indeed! Julie Powers anticipates most dilemmas that come up between teachers and with parents and offers helpful ways to think through what to do in the moment and how to build strong relationships before and after a dilemma might emerge. I especially like how with each scenario she helps the reader identify the problem, be self-aware, and consider the parent’s perspective.
Parent Engagement in Early Learning

Checklist for Analyzing Scenarios

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