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Brian Puerling, MS, NBCT, a graduate of the Erikson Institute and a National Board Certified Teacher is currently the Director of Education Technology at Catherine Cook School in Chicago, Brian is also a former teacher, teacher coach, curriculum reviewer, and as a presenter and consultant for the Chicago Public Schools, the Early Childhood Council of New Zealand, United Way Miami-Dade, and NBCUniversal.  Puerling currently serves on the Nickelodeon Curriculum and Content Advisory Board and is a former participant on the Sesame Workshop Teacher Council.  He was an early career fellow for the Fred Rogers Center, and was a recipient of the PBS Innovative Educator Award and PBS Teacher’s Choice Award.

Brian Puerling 's Books

  • Teaching in the Digital Age for Preschool and Kindergarten: Enhancing Curriculum with Technology

    Author: Brian Puerling

    Product Code:
    542942 (Softbound)
    9781605542942 (Softbound)
    Age Focus: 3–6
    Full Color

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    Published by Redleaf Press Free sample chapter

    Teaching in the Digital Age for Preschool and Kindergarten guides teachers toward integrating technology across the curriculum so it can have an authentic, meaningful, and developmentally appropriate impact on children’s exploration and learning. Full of strategies and stories, photographs and videos, this book provides a clear picture of integrating technology that will expand awareness and ignite the teacher’s excitement.

    186 pages

  • 38

    Author: Brian Puerling

    Product Code:
    542256 (CD-ROM)
    9781605542256 (CD-ROM)
    Age Focus: 3-8

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    Published by Redleaf Press CD-ROM

    The book Teaching in the Digital Age provides a framework for integrating technology and interactive media tools into the classroom. This CD-ROM—perfect to use with pre-service and in-service educators—includes eight PowerPoint presentations complementing the strategies in the book.

    A facilitator's guide is included as a PDF. CD-ROM.

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