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Deborah HirschlandDeborah Hirschland, MSW, has been working with young children and the adults who care for and teach them for over 25 years. A frequent presenter on early childhood issues, she provides training and consultation to Head Start and other early care and education programs across Massachusetts. Deborah is an early childhood consultant for the Freedman Center for Child and Family Development at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, a contributor to the Zero to Three Journal and the author of Collaborative Intervention in Early Childhood: Consulting with Parents and Teachers of 3- to 7-Year-Olds. [Oxford University Press 2008]

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  • When Young Children Need Help: Understanding and Addressing Emotional, Behavioral, and Developmental Challenges

    Author: Deborah Hirschland

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    542386 (Softbound)
    9781605542386 (Softbound)
    Age Focus: 3-6

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    Published by Redleaf Press free sample When Young Children Need Help Some children are hard to reach. They need our help the most

    When Young Children Need Help explores teh important work of supporting three- to six-year-olds with emotional developmental, and behavioral challenges. Filled with engaging stories, accessible explanations, and practical strategies, this book:
    Provides fraemworks to guide observation, reflection, and action planning
    Offers approaces to intervention that can be easily used in a busy classroom
    INcludes information on helping children with complex developmental profiles and those with histories of trauma or neglect
    Written for child care center staff, family child care providers, preschool teachers, and pre-service teachers, this book is useful for any reader who wants to reach the most troubling children in his or her care.

    306 pages

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