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Available: October 15, 2022
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Published by Redleaf Press

Active learning for the whole child has been increasingly ignored by early childhood education decisionmakers. Without an understanding of child development guiding ECE policies, children have lost their love of learning and play, and face growing health issues.

Rae Pica’s Spark a Revolution in Early Education provides a conversational approach to advocating for active, playbased learning for the development and education of the whole child. Including chapters on debunking myths in early childhood education, advocacy basics, and strategies for speaking up, this book provides early childhood educators research and actionable steps for approaching decisionmakers to generate necessary change in early education policymaking.

144 pages

About Rae Pica

Rae Pica is an education consultant dedicated to the development and education of the whole child. A former adjunct instructor at the University of New Hampshire, she is the author of 20 books, more..