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540018 (DVD Set)
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DVDs from Lisa Murphy

Get all 12 DVDs from Lisa Murphy, including:

What If Today Was Their Only Day?
Through active and engaging storytelling Lisa brings you back to her first day, taking you on a grand tour of Miss Mary’s Nursery School and sharing many observations, lessons, and anecdotes about how early childhood has changed along the way.

Making Time for Books and Stories
Join as Lisa Murphy shares over twenty-five tried and true suggestions on how to create a meaningful gathering time, all while reinforcing the importance of authentic enthusiasm on the part of the teacher.

Oh Those Little Ones
Watch as Lisa Murphy shows you a hands-on exploration of many activities that are appropriate for the wee ones in your infant and toddler rooms.

The Importance of Early Experiences
Lisa Murphy identifies the seven things educators need to do with children each day in order to encourage a love of lifelong learning and create the foundation that will support future school success.

Fizzle, Bubble, Pop & WOW!
Science does not have to be hard, difficult, or complicated. This workshop will reassure you that you do not need a degree in biology or chemistry to have an engaging science program.

Identifying and Creating Child-Centered Environments
Via interactive lecture, true-to-life examples, anecdotes, and Lisa’s signature “learning and laughing” style, this workshop presents what it really means to be a hands-on, play-based, child-centered program.

Creative Art with Young Children
In this workshop Lisa Murphy will defend a very strong process-oriented art position.

Large Motor Games We Like to Play
Get up and get moving! Lisa Murphy will teach you large motor games that can be played both indoors and out.

Mother Goose is on the Loose
During this workshop, participants will (re)learn some classic rhymes and see how they have curriculum connections to other areas of the classroom.

Ooey Gooey® Squishy Plop
This one-of-a-kind workshop will supply you with six tables of hands-on art, science, and sensory play activity ideas as well as the “wolf words” that support their use in your classroom.

10 Little Hot Dogs Frying in the WHAT?
Learn many of the classic finger plays that have withstood the test of time and some that are destined to become future favorites.

The Apple Demo
Use this demonstration to show how important it is to use real materials, not abstract concepts, to help develop language

Each DVD approximately 60 minutes

About Lisa Murphy

Lisa Murphy, MEd, has been involved with early childhood education for over 30 years, teaching and working with children in various environments including Head Start, kindergarten, private more..