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543117 (Shrink-wrapped pack)
543117 (Shrink-wrapped pack)
Age Focus: 0–5
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Quick and easy brain-building activity ideas in Spanish

These quick activity ideas benefit children's brain development in fun and easy ways. Each card provides a learning activity idea and includes an explanation about how it enhances brain development. These Brain Insights activity cards are compact and portable, making it easy to jumpstart interactive play anywhere throughout the day.

This complete set includes one each of the Brain Insights card sets: My First Year, Fun While I'm One, More to Do While I'm Two, Play with Me While I'm Three, Let's Learn More While I'm Four, and Help Me Thrive While I'm Five. There are 40 activity ideas for each age group.

Six sets of 40 laminated cards on a ring; Spanish

About Deborah McNelis

Deborah McNelis is the creator/owner of BrainInsights, a company dedicated to creating awareness and understanding of early brain development. She is an author, speaker, educator, and parent. Her more..