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I'm OK! Building Resilience through Physical Play

I'm OK! Building Resilience through Physical Play

Author: Jarrod Green
Product Code: 544519
ISBN: 978-1-60554-451-9
Format: Softbound
Publisher: Redleaf Press®
Softbound $24.95 Qty: 

Build children's resilience through physical play

Children must learn to pick themselves up, brush themselves off, and bounce back. But how do you allow for the physicality required to build resilience when you are tasked with children’s safety? This guide provides the tools and strategies for creating a culture of resilience, including families in the process, and keeping safety front-of-mind.
  • Examine common safety concerns and how to address and prepare for them
  • Learn how to work with families and build a trusting relationship around children’s physical development
  • Consider legal concerns regarding licensing and liability
  • Learn how to encourage children's physicality and foster important skills like self-regulation, self-knowledge, and self-confidence

160 pages
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Review: Learning Magazine - April 2, 2018
Help young children learn how to pick themselves up, brush themselves off, and start again. This book discusses how to help children find the appropriate level of physical risk taking, how to respond positively to risky behaviors, and how to use physicality to build self-regulation and self-help.
Review: Learning Magazine - January 1, 2018
This guide provides the tools and strategies for creating a culture of resilience, including families in the process, and keeping safety in mind.
Review: Library Journal - January 10, 2017
Green’s teaching is spot on. His goal of giving children ‘the experiences of learning and joy, challenge and triumph, and the ability to enter the world, with all its challenges and obstacles and setbacks, in the most positive way possible’ is holistically delivered. Here’s to horsing around.
Review: Midwest Book Review, The Education Shelf - November 17, 2016
"I'm OK! should be in any collection strong in child development titles . . . This book provides teachers with specifics on assessing risk and assigning challenging, growth-inducing play and is based on the author's decade-plus experience building resilience concepts into activities.” 
Review by: Belann Giaretto, Pacific Primary - August 11, 2016
What a courageous and inspiring book! Jarrod Green tackles the sometimes confounding and controversial issues for teachers around physical play and the constant decisions that they have to make about what is safe and what is appropriate, essential risk. Teachers help create a childhood for each child and Green guides teachers as they navigate this often neglected area of curriculum. Green makes a compelling case for not only the role of physical activity in building resilience but how it can enhance and expand children's self-esteem. All teachers will find this book thought provoking and supportive and their students will greatly benefit from having teachers who better understand their physical needs.
Review by: Todd Wanerman - July 20, 2016
An exceptional resource for teachers everywhere who are struggling with the question of how much physical risk to allow or promote in their programs, this book will go a long way toward restoring developmental common sense to our views on children’s needs for risk, physical challenge, and autonomy in their play—to build, in Jarrod’s words, a “culture of resilience.” This is a timely and important book. 
Review by: Gaye Gronlund - June 29, 2016
This book is a joyful, playful exploration of the very nature of young children emphasizing their need to run and jump and play and take risks and try things out and the ways that adults can encourage physical play, allow for risk-taking, and still provide a safe, nurturing environment.  

There are all sorts of practical and helpful suggestions for building resilience in young children and many wonderful reflective questions for deep conversations about physicality. I love the Self Skills: Self-Knowledge, Self-Regulation, Self-Confidence, Self-Help, Self-Comfort and the suggestions for working through issues with children related to these. The emphasis on working closely with families is also well-grounded and helpful.

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