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Age Focus: 3-8
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Re-envision the world through children’s eyes

Join author Ron Grady in a joyous meditation on the meaning of childhood and a philosophical reflection on why children matter and why the way in which we share the moments of their lives matters. Deftly weaving anthropology, sociology, psychology, and theories of education, Honoring the Moment in Young Children’s Lives invites us to remake our image of the child and truly appreciate children for who they are at this time.

Honor the moments you spend with young children with a deeper understanding of their perspective and whole selves and use the unique position of educator to translate children’s moments, both ordinary and extraordinary, for their families and communities. Take the next step in observing and documenting young children and embrace the role of researcher, an ethnographer with unique and privileged proximity to children who takes a close-up look and uses that deep knowledge to advocate for children’s needs and their right to live their lives engaged in deep inquiry and self-directed, meaningful play.

Age Focus: 3–8. Softbound, 152 pgs.
Available May 2024

About Ron Grady

Ron's work focuses on the social worlds and peer cultures of young children and wonders how lived experience both is constructed within and revealed throughout play, the creation of art and more..