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New ProductPublished by Redleaf Press

Visions of hope and inspiration for the future of learning

Havens of Hope shares the hopeful energy and positive transformation that is emerging through the early childhood education field in this historic time of pandemic, economic uncertainty, and protests for racial equity. It brings readers on a journey into the possibility for new approaches in education to learning emerging in response to the momentous challenges of our times.

Deemed essential in most US states and many countries throughout the world, a substantial number of early childhood centers remained open throughout the worst days of pandemic, economic uncertainty, and protests for racial equity.

Dr. Shira Leibowitz's center, Discovery Village Child Care and Preschool, located in downstate, New York, was one of the first COVID-19 hotspots in the country. Seeking connection and companionship, she and other early childhood educators globally joined together during the worst of times for support and reflection. Havens of Hope shares the stories of resilience, creativity, and growth of schools and educators across the country.

Inspiring approaches to early childhood learning of the 20th century—Montessori, Waldorf, and especially Reggio, were born out of crisis. Could this be a founding moment? Might we be witnessing, and even participating in, the birth of new approaches to learning and care, resonating with the needs of our own times?

144 pages.

About Shira Leibowitz, PhD

Shira Leibowitz, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Discovery Village Child Care and Preschool, a unique play and project based program in Tarrytown, New York. more..