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The Great Disconnect in Early Childhood Education: What We Know vs What We Do

The Great Disconnect in Early Childhood Education: What We Know vs What We Do

Author: Michael Gramling
Product Code: 543994
ISBN: 978-1-60554-399-4
Format: Softbound
Publisher: Redleaf Press®
Softbound $24.95 Qty: 

Published by Redleaf Press Free sample chapter IndieFab Finalist Seal IPPY Silver Award

Over the years, most reforms in early childhood education have been well-intended, yet have not kept up with the needs of young children and educators in the classroom. Author Michael Gramling provides an historical overview of how educational policies came into effect and how they are driving educational practices. Gramling argues that ineffective practices are the result of unexamined public policies and asserts that educators need to challenge this kind thinking in order to make a difference in children's lives Powerful, thought provoking stories will inspire you to examine the problems and challenge you to envision a preschool classroom that works for all children.

Softbound, 148 pgs.

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by Shirley Rempel
on 9/24/2016
This was a great read connecting the standards and politics of early childhood education and developmentally appropriate practice. It includes a lot of statisitcs but mostly  a lot of great common sense practices that anyone in early childhood education and parents need to know about. There was a lot of great information that I need to still unpack and figure out how to use the information practically in my own work with young children. 

I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!
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Review by: James Cox, The Education Shelf: CA Bookwatch - August 17, 2015
The Great Disconnect in Early Childhood Education presents a new approach for early childhood educators who may know much about how children learn, but less about how that connects to classroom choices. With a system that advocates rote learning, young children are less encouraged to use play and exploration as learning devices: this book identifies the problems, provides a history of how this educational focus came to be, and, most importantly, uses real-life examines to show how to improve communication with young children. Highly recommended.”
Review by: Marce Verzano O'Brien - March 23, 2015
For those of us who believe in the Head Start vision and mission, an analytical examination of our progress and accomplishments is difficult and even frightening. Michal Gramling has provided us with a context and framework to engage in the hard thinking that Head Start deserves. His use of real-life examples and stories give both substance and reality to his claim that we have strayed from doing that which we know is right and necessary for America’s most vulnerable young children. This book will require early educators and policy makers to take a deep breath as they ponder the future of early intervention efforts.
Review by: Linda Flynn, Professor in Early Intervention, University of New Orleans - January 29, 2015
"This book takes a refreshing approach to understanding the development of young children as active learners. The book provides real-life stories and discusses the every-day challenges of the interaction between theory and practice when communicating with young children. Those who read the book will undoubtedly reflect upon their own parenting, teaching, and impact on young children. It is a delightful, informative read!"
Review by: Elizabeth Jones, Faculty emerita, Pacific Oaks College; Author - January 29, 2015
"Head Start promised to break the cycle of poverty. Has it succeeded? No, says Michael Gramling—but it could. In this provocative, inspiring history he shares his vision of an adult-child community of co-learners‐a developmentally appropriate early childhood program built on individual children’s strengths to ensure that they really do learn. With Michael as your storyteller, you will discover what shared learning really looks like."

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