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Dr. Jane Humphries and Kari RainsKari Rains holds a masters degree in child development from Oklahoma State University and has over a decade of clinical work in the early intervention program in Oklahoma. She has served as an adjunct professor, published two books, and contributed to numerous research articles in the field of child development.

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Kari Rains 's Books

  • A Fighting Chance: Supporting Young Children Experiencing Disruptive Change

    Authors: Jane Humphries, Kari Rains

    Product Code:
    545066 (Softbound)
    978-1-60554-506-6 (Softbound)
    Age Focus: 0–8

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    Published by Redleaf Press New Product Free sample chapter

    Every day, many children have to cope with complicated and disruptive situations, and your classroom can become the most stable environment in their young lives. This resource uses case studies to illustrate what disruptive change can look like, and it covers a variety of types of disruptive change, including homelessness, incarceration, multiple parent relationships, and more.

    Learn how to address disruptive changes with an extensive toolbox of activities, ideas, and resources to help you find the best practical approach for each child.

    Age focus: 0–8.

    Softbound, 145 pgs.

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