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Children's play is school readiness

Discover why school readiness IS children’s play. This updated guide includes timely research and new stories that highlight how play is vital to the social, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development of children.

Learn the seven things we must do with children every day and why they are so important. Use your daily observations to incorporate these seven things in an authentic and engaging way.

  • Explore the how and why of the seven things we should do everyday: create, move, sing, discuss, observe, read, and play
  • Understand how to link concepts to the experiences children have
  • Focus on what each child is doing, not what they are not doing
  • Become aware of challenges you might face and how to work through them

Play builds the foundation that later learning will be built on. So let’s make it a strong one.

192 pages

Enjoy the following interview with Lisa Murphy about Lisa Murphy on Play 2nd Edition: The Foundation of Children's Learning. A special thank you to Jeff Johnson for sharing his interview with Lisa!. Click here to listen to the interview.

About Lisa Murphy

Lisa Murphy, MEd, has been involved with early childhood education for over 30 years, teaching and working with children in various environments including Head Start, kindergarten, private more..