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Noah Chases the Wind

Noah Chases the Wind

Author: Michelle Worthington   Illustrator: Joseph Cowman
Product Code: 543567
ISBN: 978-1-60554-356-7
Publisher: Redleaf Press®
$16.95 Qty: 

Published by Redleaf Press Moonbeam Award free sample chapter

Noah Chases the Wind is a colorful and magical adventure celebrating the inquisitive nature of children

Noah is different. He sees, hears, feels, and thinks in ways that other people don't always understand. He is sensitive and perceptive, he asks questions most people would never consider, and he doesn't stop asking until he knows the “why” of nearly everything. But there's one question Noah has not been able to answer, “Where does the wind go?” Noah Chases the Wind is a colorful and magical adventure that celebrates the inquisitive nature of all children, as well as the unique characteristics of children on the autism spectrum. Children who see the world in their own ways may recognize themselves in Noah and learn to feel good about their differences.

Age focus: 3–6. Hardcover, 32 pgs.

Lexile Measure: Adult-directed, Grade 4.
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Review by: Jewel, Age 7, San Francisco Book Review - April 28, 2015
Noah Chases the Wind is about a little boy who has autism. Noah knows he is different. He acts, feels, and sees things differently than other kids. Noah likes to learn about new things and he wants to know where the wind goes. Noah decided he can find out where the wind goes if he chases the wind. The wind goes around the town. Then the wind picks Noah up and flies him high above the clouds. Noah learns where the wind goes.

I really loved Noah Chases the Wind. It reminds me of one of my friend who looks like Noah. He learns things a bit differently and also has autism. I am seven years old and am able to read this book on my own. The illustrations are great. The pictures are soft, colorful, and detailed. I liked going back and looking at the pictures. I loved the way the illustrator drew the wind. I wish we could really fly with the wind like Noah does.
Review: Kirkus Reviews - February 3, 2015
Noah has endless curiosity about how and why things work. . . . Cowman's gusty wisps show each stream of air turning a different jewel tone, swirling all around. . . . Worthington's sensitive exploration leaves readers with their own set of questions and perhaps gratitude for all types of perspectives.

An invitation to wonder, imagine and look at everything (humans included) in a new way.

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