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The benefits of an optimistic thinking style have slowly been seeping into early childhood teaching practice through research on resiliency, leadership, health, and what has been termed “grit.” Yet there remains a large vacuum in teacher education on both the importance and mechanics of teaching young children to become optimistic thinkers.

Making Lemonade is the first-to-market book on the topic of learned optimism in young children and provides practical, hands-on exercises and activities teachers and families can use to positively affect children. Learned optimism can equip children to be more successful learners and healthier individuals.

160 pages

Authors Derry Koralek and Laura J. Colker chatted with us about inspiration, misconceptions, and gratitude. Click here to read their Author Spotlight interview.

About Derry Koralek

Derry Koralek spent more than 14 years writing and editing publications for NAEYC.  She was the Editor in Chief of Young Children, NAEYC’s peer-reviewed professional journal and creator and more..

About Laura J. Colker

Laura J. Colker is an international author, lecturer, and trainer in early childhood education. She is the author, or coauthor, over 150 publications and instructional guides and has contributed to more..