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Published by Redleaf Press Free sample chapter

Craft new opportunities in your classroom through observation

With new chapters and updates from early childhood leaders Deb Curtis and Margie Carter invite early childhood educators to learn the art and skill of observation.

The art of observing children is more than merely the act of watching them—it is also using what you see and hear to craft new opportunities in your classroom. This resource provides a wealth of inspiration and practice. It will help early childhood educators learn to observe in new ways, witness children's remarkable competencies as they experience childhood, and find new joy in their work with children.

The third edition updates include:

  • New information on schema theory including a list of the definitions of schemas
  • Updated stories that reflect schema explorations and focus on observing children's ability to get along
  • Added information on identity development and the anti-bias goals
  • New chapter on observing children using their bodies
  • New QR codes to videos to continue learning
  • Updates on technology and approaches to keeping observations at the center of required assessments

308 pages.


"I recommend reading everything Deb and Margie write but Art of Awareness is a true gem. Whether you're a new teacher or an experienced early childhood educator this book will draw you deeper. From the very first poem there is so much to think about, practice, and reflect on as a team. We've used Art of Awareness in book studies, professional development days, and parent meetings for years. Honing in your observation skills is one of the best ways towards becoming the educator you want to be. The study sessions are accessible and powerful lenses to further our learning. Thanks for the new edition and more to dig into." —Jennifer Slack, Founder and pedagogical leader of Our Neighborhood Child Development Center

"Este libro es una valiosa herramienta para mi enseñanza. Las historias inspiradoras con fotos ofrecen ideas útiles para el medio ambiente y los materiales porque puedo ver las formas reales en que los niños los usan. Las actividades para practicar las ideas me ayudaron a ver de manera diferente y a notar cosas que normalmente me perdería. El libro me mostró los puntos de vista de los niños, las muchas diferencias entre los niños y las formas en que puedo abrazar y respetar a cada niño.
"This book is a valuable tool for my teaching. The inspiring stories with photos offer useful ideas for the environment and materials because I can see the real ways children use them. The activities for practicing the ideas helped me to see differently and notice things I might normally miss. The book showed me children’s points of view, the many differences in children, and ways I can embrace and respect every single child." —Jesly Morales, maestra de preescolar

"The Art of Awareness offers the tools needed to open the doors of our perception to the extraordinary uniqueness of each child. Thus, allowing us the opportunity to fully join and support their development. Both practical and inspirational, the reader will find how to?advance equity in our society while fostering joyfulness each step of the way.?" —Erika Flores

"The Art of Awareness is a beautiful book to read and teach with in person and in online classes. I love using this text as a guide to support early childhood educators in college and in early care and education programs. The design of the book artfully pulls us in and slows us down, encouraging us to get immersed in the world of children from their perspective. This book helps teachers recognize and honor children’s curiosity, creativity, sense of wonder and competencies through the lens of equity and anti-bias.
The chapters that focus on a particular study session topic allows teachers to dive deep while also avoiding cognitive overload. Students have shared that they feel unusually relaxed and inspired while reading and the reflective activities give them insight to their own awareness of the world, while also having some fun! The content is juicy rich with children’s experiences as well as offering meaningful tools, such as Learning Stories, for observation and documentation. ?New and seasoned early childhood professionals will gain valuable insight about how to be fully present, celebrate the whole child and become artful observers of children.?" —Shaquam Edwards, Instructor, Early Childhood Education, College of Marin

"Deb and Margie’s keen insight of children and deep understanding of how to make visible a child’s innate gift for learning and connecting inspires us once again to truly see and hear children. This 3rd edition builds on their previous works through guided self-studies, reflective questions, as well as photographs and stories that capture the essence of children and fosters our respect for them as agents of their learning. Throughout the book, Deb and Margie also infuse an equity and anti-bias lens that promotes our self-awareness to unveil and combat racism and white privilege which clouds our ability see and celebrate each child’s uniqueness and strength. Deb and Margie move us to be transformational in the way we see and interact with each child and how to use observation to counterbalance the increased focus on standardization and evaluation that reduces early childhood to mere numbers and scores." —Jill McFarren Avilés

"Once again Margie Carter and Deb Curtis offer us a practical resource that considers both the heart and the head.? The Art of Awareness offers a carefully guided path for teachers to reflect on, consider and transform their practice to meet the realities of today’s changing world.? A must have for both new and experienced teachers who are eager to learn more about themselves, the children they spend their days with and the issues that face us all in the 21st?century." —Anne Marie Coughlin , Education Director,?London Bridge Child Care Services

About Deb Curtis

Deb Curtis has spent the past 40 years working with children and teachers in early childhood programs. She is the coauthor of numerous professional learning books with Margie Carter, including The more..

Margie Carter has worked as a preschool, kindergarten and primary school teacher, curriculum developer, High/Scope trainer, child care director, and college instructor. She received her B.S. in more..