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Rachel Robertson


Rachel Robertson, MA, is the director of education and development at Bright Horizons. She has more than twenty years of experience in the education field and has served as a professional development and education quality consultant, classroom teacher, center director, and quality and training manager. She is the author of numerous early childhood articles and presents professional development seminars at national conferences. Rachel holds a master's degree in early childhood education.

Rachel Robertson's Books

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  • Prove It!: Achieving Quality Recognition for Your Early Childhood Program

    Authors: Rachel Robertson, Miriam Dressler
    Product Code: 539501
    ISBN: 978-1-933653-77-8

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    Pursuing third-party endorsements and accreditation is a significant undertaking. Prove It! is a comprehensive resource to help you successfully understand, prepare for, and complete the process of earning third-party endorsements and accreditation.

    Softbound, 304 pgs.

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  • Healthy Children, Healthy Lives: The Wellness Guide for Early Childhood Programs

    Authors: Sharon Bergen, Rachel Robertson
    Product Code: 540818
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-081-8

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    Published by Redleaf Press Free sample chapter

    Evaluate and improve wellness in your program, making it a safe, happy place for each person—child, caregiver, and family member—that passes through the doors. This resource includes checklists for six components of wellness: nutrition and healthy eating habits; physical activity and fitness; emotional health and resilience; healthy care practices; safety and risk management; and leadership, management, and administration—Healthy Children, Healthy Lives provides guidance to improve the overall wellness in your program. Use this tool to contribute to children's ability to thrive and experience joy in life and learning.
    Softbound. 248 pages.

    e-book available

  • Healthy Children, Healthy Lives Training and Resources

    Authors: Sharon Bergen, Rachel Robertson
    Product Code: 541648
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-164-8

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    Reaching Staff and Families

    Published by Redleaf Press CD

    Seven complete PowerPoint presentations

    Give your team members the knowledge they need to support and increase the wellness of the children and families in your program.
    Present information to help staff members, stakeholders, and families understand the importance of integrating wellness throughout an early childhood program. This complete training and resource program provides everything you need to explain the many ways that Healthy Children, Healthy Lives can improve your program and bring wellness to each person who passes through the doors.

    This Healthy Children, Healthy Lives Training and Resources: Reaching Staff and Families CD-ROM set contains seven comprehensive PowerPoint presentations.

    CD Set
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