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Dr. Aerial Liese has a PhD in Special Education and a minor in Mental Health and At-Risk Populations from Walden University. She teaches at San Juan College in New Mexico, where she has been a member of staff since 2007. She is the author of Ants in Their Pants: Teaching Children Who Must Move to Learn,?Come and Play: Sensory Integration Strategies for Children with Play Challenges,?and Nature Sparks: Connecting Children’s Learning to the Natural World. 

Aerial Liese 's Books

  • The Play Prescription: Using Play to Support Internalizing Behaviors

    Author: Aerial Liese

    Product Code:
    547466 (Paperback)
    978-1-60554-746-6 (Paperback)
    Age Focus: 3-7

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    Supporting internalizing behaviors is an essential topic as we see a rise in anxiety, depression, and social withdrawal in young children.

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