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Social competency is a set of skills that provide children with the tools and abilities to successfully navigate the world around them. Developing Social Competency in Young Children looks at each of the seven Cs of social competence—communication, community building, coping, confidence, conflict resolution, control, and curiosity.

During any given day, a child will enter and exit many group situations. More often than not, children lack the knowledge and experience to be socially competent in all situations. There is not a switch or a specific age when children automatically become socially competent and adults often assume that when children reach a certain age or milestone they will know how to effectively employ the seven Cs of social competency without being taught.

These skills must be taught and environments need to be designed to encourage the development of these skills while intentionally providing opportunities to test and hone them. Developing Social Competency in Young Children examines the role of the adult in designing the environment and using intentional strategies to maximize a child’s success. At the end of each skill discussed, there are parent and staff educational tips and strategies that can be used in everyday life.

192 pages

About Christine A. Schmidt

Christine A. Schmidt is the owner of 2 CR Solutions, Ltd., a consulting, training, and technical assistance company for organizations that serve children birth through age 18. She has worked as a child care director, grant manager, and accreditation support staff. Schmidt is the author of The Child Care Director's Complete Guide and coauthor of Great Afterschool Programs and Spaces That WOW! more..