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Inspiring Wonder, Awe, and Empathy: Spiritual Development in Young Children

Inspiring Wonder, Awe, and Empathy: Spiritual Development in Young Children

Author: Dr. Deborah Schein
Product Code: 544847
ISBN: 978-1-60554-484-7
Publisher: Redleaf Press®
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Provide support for spiritual development—a system of beginning with love, nurturing relationships, and positive self-awareness

Inspiring Wonder, Awe, and Empathy offers a series of thoughtful practices for child care providers to nurture a child’s spiritual development—an extension of social-emotional learning. The book helps educators introduce young children to a system that begins with love and leads to a strong sense of self, ignites wonder and learning, and allows for the emergence of empathy that leads to personal wholeness.

You can provide support and strengthen children’s:
  • self-awareness through deep connections
  • social awareness
  • pro-social behaviors, such as kindness, caring, empathy, and reverence

Spiritual development moments help children to grow, explore, play, and ask big questions.

Age focus: 0–8.

Softbound, 156 pgs.
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Review: Midwest Book Review, The Parenting Shelf - March 8, 2018
A unique and extraordinary contribution to the growing library of Early Childhood Education literature, Inspiring Wonder, Awe, and Empathy is an especially recommended addition to parental, school district, community, college, and university library collections and supplemental studies reading lists.
Review by: Mary Rivkin, UMBC - July 21, 2017
“Beauty, order, calm, nature, and sensitive relationships—all these elements can touch the inner, or spiritual, development of children. Inspiring Wonder, Awe, and Empathy reveals how this development is observed by early childhood educators, and how it can be encouraged by their attention to the environment and the flow of classroom life. Schein distinguishes spiritual from religious development, emphasizing the universal, transcendent recognition of spirit and its role in individual and societal well-being.
Review by: Patti Bailie, University of Maine, Farmington - July 21, 2017
Deb Schein has written an extraordinary book. This book contains essential elements, important research, and actionable ideas for intentionally supporting children’s spiritual development—the missing link for creating a better world. It’s a timely and important topic that all teachers and parents of young children need to read. I highly recommend it.
Review by: Walter Drew, Self Active Education and Dr. Drew's Discovery Blocks - July 21, 2017
A richly told story of how our spiritual awakening happens early on in life, and how play and nature serve as a positive force that offers spiritual gifts to enjoy throughout our lifetime. This book is a series of revelations, a narrative easy to enjoy and learn much from. It’s a lovely book!
Review by: David Brody, Efrata College of Education, Jerusalem - June 27, 2017
“Deb Schein has successfully unpacked the meaning of spirituality for young children in this incredibly compelling and well written treatise that will engage early childhood educators, parents, and leaders in the field. Far beyond another teacher’s guide, this book touches the very soul of early childhood education.
Review by: Jennifer Mata-McMahon, DePaul University - June 27, 2017
“Dr. Schein’s book is an inspiring and refreshing approach to children’s spirituality, highlighting love and reminding us of its center stage status in early childhood education. This book makes a significant contribution to the field of children’s spiritual development.”
Review by: Robin Ploof, NAEYC's Play Policy and Practice Interest Forum - June 27, 2017
Dr. Schein offers us a provocative new lens for examining child development and exploring the inner world of the child. Her perspective on spirituality encourages and challenges us to slow down and be present in moments of joy and wonder with the children we work with and care for. She grounds her thinking in both foundational and contemporary theories, and provides readers with practical suggestions to support them in nurturing this important trait in children.”
Review by: Susan Remick Topek, Early Childhood Consultant - June 12, 2017
Inspiring Wonder, Awe and Empathy: Spiritual Development in Young Children gives language to an important and new way to look at an aspect of development in young children that has previously been misunderstood, or overlooked. The word ‘spirituality’ has been intimidating for many to use to discuss young children’s awareness and sense of self.  With this book Dr. Deborah Schein gives support to educators and parents in understanding the centrality and significance of spiritual development.  For both faith-based and secular educators, this book is thoughtful and thought provoking in giving a new insight to children’s spiritual growth from infancy on.”
Review by: Ruth Wilson, Children and Nature Network - June 12, 2017
In an almost magical way, Dr. Schein weaves strands of research with personal stories to illustrate how spiritual development unifies and energizes all other areas of child development. Readers will find in this engaging book new insights into spirituality and how it’s manifested in children’s everyday discoveries and interactions. While Inspiring Wonder, Awe, and Empathy addresses a serious topic, it will leave readers feeling uplifted.”
Review by: Robyn Hurvitz, Friedman Commission for Jewish Education - June 12, 2017
Inspiring Wonder, Awe, and Empathy: Spiritual Development in Young Children is a monumental addition to the field of early childhood education. Schein has fitted the missing piece of the puzzle to the development of the whole child by defining spirituality to ‘reflect deep connections and moments of wonder.’ Dr. Schein makes us comfortable with the word and gives us the language and tools to bring this universal experience to any setting in any environment.”

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