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Eric Hoffman

Biography: Eric Hoffman has been working with young children since 1970 as a preschool teacher, parent, and foster parent. He worked for twenty-five years at the Cabrillo College Children’s Center in Aptos, California, as a master teacher and administrator and is currently an instructor in the Cabrillo Early Childhood Education Department. Eric has degrees in developmental psychology and in architecture and design. He has used his design background to help create over fifty playgrounds for schools. He currently designs toys and other wood items, which can be seen at

Eric Hoffman's Books

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  • Magic Capes, Amazing Powers: Transforming Superhero Play in the Classroom

    Author: Eric Hoffman
    Product Code: 409501
    ISBN: 978-192961047-1

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    Heroes, villains, and saving the day!

    For as long as there have been heroes and villains in our books, on our TVs, and in our everyday lives, children have been imitating them. Superhero play remains a wonderful, developmentally appropriate way for children to explore power, experience adventure, and investigate big questions about the world. At the same time, many adults are understandably troubled by the effect of media storylines, stereotypes, and violence on children's superhero play.

    Magic Capes, Amazing Powers takes an in-depth look at why children are so strongly attracted to superhero and weapons play, examines the concerns of parents and teachers, and suggests practical solutions that take into account the needs of children and adults. It explores superhero play in a positive direction through the use of redirection, storytelling, dramatic play materials, anti-bias curriculum, and clear limit setting. This unique resource addresses adults' concerns and allow children to do what they do best—play!

    "Once in a while, a book comes along that one wishes she/he had written. Magic Capes, Amazing Powers is such a one for me. It seamlessly and insightfully weaves together developmental and anti-bias theory, brilliant understanding of children, and creative, practical strategies. Eric Hoffman has given us a marvelous book that will enhance every early childhood program."
    —Louise Derman-Sparks, author of Anti-Bias Curriculum

    "Here is a book on superhero play that grows out of thoughtful and informed classroom practice. It will help any teacher who struggles with how to deal with superhero play and wants concrete help developing a child-centered, socially responsible approach."
    —Diane Levin, PhD, Professor of Education, Wheelock College, author of Remote Control Childhood and coauthor of The War Play Dilemma

    Softbound, Illus., Index
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  • Magic Capes, Amazing Powers [Reissue]: Transforming Superhero Play in the Classroom

    Author: Eric Hoffman
    Product Code: 546551
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-655-1

    Description & More Details

    Published by Redleaf Press New Product

    Help children discover positive answers to their questions about the world by supporting safe superhero play.

    Age Focus: 3-8 years
    Softbound, 216 pgs
    Available July 2018