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Trusted by schools across the country, Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation (ELLCO) User's Guide helps build better literacy programs by assessing the quality of both the classroom environment and teachers' practices. With ELLCO, you can gather the essential data needed for professional development and program improvement that lead to better literacy outcomes for young children. ELLCO is

  • Age-specific. Assessment is effective and accurate, designed especially for preschool environments. ELLCO Pre-K prompts you to look for preliteracy activities like storybook reading, circle time conversations, and child-originated storywriting.
  • Streamlined. ELLCO has just two parts: a classroom observation to gather critical information about five key elements of the literacy environment, and a teacher interview, which supplements the observation with your reflections.
  • Easy to administer. You will get complete information about conducting classroom observations, scoring accurately, and limiting bias. You will also get helpful descriptors for all five levels of the rating scale.
  • Informed by user feedback. ELLCO was created using feedback from education professionals who know the tool best.

This user's guide explains how to implement Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation (ELLCO) Tool. Age Focus: Pre-K. Softbound, 104 pgs.