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Age Focus: 3-6
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Spark children's learning with nature-based activities!

Nature profoundly benefits children's growth, health, and development. Extend your classroom outdoors, and you will quickly see how nature enhances the learning process in all academic areas, for all children. Filled with activities and tips, each chapter offers useful strategies and resources to bring out a child's inner nature lover. Nature Sparks helps children explore, respect, and connect with nature through

  • Developmentally appropriate, nature-oriented indoor and outdoor classroom practices, including hands-on learning centers, field trips, nature hikes, and outdoor obstacle courses
  • Special nature play places
  • Sensory-integrated nature activities laced with nature-oriented instructional strategies

144 pages

About Aerial Liese

Dr. Aerial Liese has a PhD in Special Education and a minor in Mental Health and At-Risk Populations from Walden University. She teaches at San Juan College in New Mexico, where she has been a member more..