About the Author:

Dan Bellm is a writer, editor, and translator living in Berkeley, California. He has published three books of poetry, most recently Practice (Sixteen Rivers Press), winner of a 2009 California Book Award and named one of the Top Ten Poetry Books of 2008 by the Virginia Quarterly Review..

Dan is also a widely published translator of poetry and fiction from Spanish and French, Dan also works as a freelance writer and editor, with over 20 years of experience in the fields of early childhood education and social services.

Dan Bellm 's Books

  • Supporting Teachers As Learners: A Guide for Mentors and Coaches in Early Care and Education

    Authors: Marcy Whitebook, Dan Bellm

    Product Code:
    583891 (Softbound)
    978-0-615-83899-1 (Softbound)

    Description & More Details

    Mentoring is a key strategy for supporting educators at any stage in their careers—and for improving teacher practice. This guide is an effective, activity-based way to reflect on, practice, and sharpen your skills as a mentor, coach, or technical assistance provider, and it can be adapted to a wide variety of early care and education settings.

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