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Young children convey their emotions in many ways. Why are some expressions more challenging to handle than others?

“Don't Get So Upset!” helps you see that it's not about the child as much as it is about you. It's about your emotions—how you learned to express them as a child, how the adults around you responded, and how that all stays with you today.

With a practical, personal approach, this book will assist you in getting a firm grasp on your own emotions so that you can better help children with theirs. In it, you will find information on emotional development, early childhood behavior management strategies, and self-reflection. You will learn about actions you can take and new ways you can think to improve how you handle the daily challenges of your job. Most importantly, you will embark on a journey toward self-understanding that will reflect positively on your interactions with all young children in your life.

160 pages

Learn more about Dr. Jacobson's journey and her future hopes for the field of early childhood education. Click here to read her Author Spotlight interview.

About Tamar Jacobson, PhD

Tamar Jacobson was born in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and traveled to Israel where she became a preschool teacher with the Israeli Ministry of Education. Jacobson completed a doctorate in early more..