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Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals - Set of 3

Winning Ways: Set 1 [assorted set of 3]

Author: Gigi Schweikert
Product Code: 549996
ISBN: 978-1-60554-131-0
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The Winning Ways series provides important information on professionalism, teamwork, and supporting families. Sold in convenient packs of three, these self-training workbooks are ideal for use in in-house trainings, to give to new staff in your center, or for people getting ready to enter the early childhood field. 3 softbound books, 72 to 88 pgs. each.

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Review: NAEYC issue of Young Children May 2012 edition - May 1, 2012
Schweikert shares her passion and expertise in the early childhood profession as teacher, director, and consultant and demonstrates why and how teachers should take pride in their work and focus on their roles as professionals. These three short books are excellent introductions to critical dimensions of early childhood practice. Designed to be used for in-service training, each guidebook includes tools that teachers, both new and experienced, can use to assess their own performance and attitudes and learn new ways of developing competence. The user-friendly format of the books and realistic examples of situations that are common to most early childhood settings help teachers identify with and be receptive to the sound and practical ideas. The author tackles the difficult issues that arise in long-term adult relationships, such as what to do when a colleague has done something that upsets you. In Partnering with Families, the author shows how to connect with parents and other family members, beginning with knowing the name of each parent and sending home a "What to expect on the first day" note. The author describes how to create a welcoming environment for many different kinds of parents and establish working relationships through which both teacher and parent support the child and resolve challenges that arise. Becoming a Team Player is an especially insightful book. Usually teachers in early childhood programs like and enjoy working with young children, but are less experienced or motivated to work on respectful, supportive, nurturing, and professional interactions with each other. Schweikert helps teachers learn why the adult relationships are important to the success of early childhood programs. She also describes the skills and attitudes teachers need to work well with colleagues. The author describes the steps involved in establishing a positive community of adults and helps teachers consider their responsibilities when confronted with challenging situations such as gossiping or complaining. In Being a Professional, the author asks teachers to think about how they present themselves to others and describes what it means to be professionally, physically, and mentally engaged in the job. She helps teachers hone their ability to carry out the easier tasks, such as appearance and greeting people professionally, as well as the more complicated components of professional attitudes and keeping current in knowledge of the field.
Review by: Bonnie Neugebauer, Founder and Executive Editor, Exchange magazine - August 26, 2011
Gigi Schweikert has a straightforward way of making us look honestly at ourselves as early childhood professionals. She says it like it is and challenges us to see even the things we hoped no one would notice. The Winning Ways series compels us to examine the profound impact we have on everyone around us—children, certainly, as well as fellow professionals and the children's parents and families. Everything matters. Everything. But the best thing is that Gigi believes professionals the children need us to be. And that really matters.
Review by: Kristen Waterfield, The Malvern School, Pennsy - August 26, 2011
Gigi Schweikert has entertained and educated my program's teachers at in-service presentations, and now her wisdom and sense of humor is made available to a wide audience in the Winning Ways series.
Review by: Jeff Johnson, family child care provider, keynote speaker, and author - August 26, 2011
The Winning Ways series is full of useful tools and handy hints for people new to the early learning field.

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