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Published by Redleaf Press

Be prepared for the unexpected

Let's hope that you'll never have to face a natural or manmade disaster at your setting, but if it should happen, you need to have a plan and be prepared to carry it out. Nothing is more important than the safety of children. That's why this Quick Guide is an important addition to your professional library. Use it to create a personalized plan for each of the disaster scenarios covered in the book-evacuation, bomb threat, need to take shelter, lockdown, extended shelter, transportation emergencies, and an active shooter. This up-to-date information has been checked for accuracy by an authority on disaster planning and preparedness. Don't be caught off guard, use this book to help you be prepared for the unexpected.
88 pages

About Charlotte Hendricks, PhD

Dr. Charlotte M. Hendricks, president and founder of, has promoted health education for young children, parents, and teachers for over thirty years. Her career in early more..