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Build a practice of daily reflection to transform your teaching and leadership

Coaches, leaders, and all agents of change need to hone their reflective practices to gain self-awareness and make mindful decisions, so that in turn they can better facilitate reflection with the people they support. Reflection is the best way to bring “sticky” sustainable change . Through reflection, we make intentional choices to achieve the success we desire. Reflection is not an event, not just an activity, but a lifestyle.

In Daily Reflections for Educators, Coaches, Leaders, and Life, respected coach and speaker Constant Hine offers twelve reflective themes for cultivating both personal and professional self-realization and becoming a transformational change agent who helps others do the same. There are 365 entries, one for each day of the year. Each entry features a thought-provoking quotation with a commentary to feed the day’s reflection, followed with a suggestion for reflective practice. Developing a reflective mindset helps us become self-empowered, lifelong problem solvers who create meaningful and fulfilling lives both personally and professionally.

Age Focus: 0–8. Softbound, 400 pgs.

Available April 2024


"Reflection is not something we are taught or valued, as it requires a deep dive into who we are and an unveiling of our thoughts and ideas, with no “correct” answer. It takes time, practice, and a willingness to be vulnerable so we can be stronger and promote intentional awareness of who we are and how our lives affect and are affected by others. I found the power of reflection in Constant’s 365 entries, filled with transformative multidisciplinary quotes and reflective questions that strengthened my ability to become a more conscious and mindful coach, educator, and human! I’m excited to infuse these entries into my ongoing self-reflective journey and draw from them to support others to foster self-awareness, cultural responsiveness, deepened human connection, and humble servant leadership." —Jill McFarren Avilés, founder and director, McFarren Avilés & Associates

"Constant's book is a game-changer for anyone seeking to elevate their personal and professional journey. As a business advisor myself, I found the daily reflections to be incredibly insightful and practical. Each passage, accompanied by a thought-provoking quotation, provides a profound exploration of key themes essential for personal growth and transformation. Constant's guidance empowers readers to cultivate self-awareness, mindfulness, resilience, and effective communication skills, all of which are indispensable in the realm of business coaching and advisory roles. This book has not only enriched my own reflective practice but has also enhanced my ability to support clients in navigating challenges, setting meaningful goals, and unlocking their full potential. I highly recommend it to anyone committed to continuous improvement and success in both their personal and professional endeavors." —Simon Zryd, CEPA®, Founder at Denver Business Coach, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

"Constant Hine has created a warm and inviting approach to thinking critically through reflection. I now have new tools to approach my personal and professional work with a gentle and tangible way of managing my thoughts. I can better prioritize my work and feel less overwhelmed. There is also joy in Constant’s approach. It’s a wonderful book that I will use consistently in my personal and professional life." —Josephine Montilla, Healthcare Nurse Executive

"As early childhood leaders, finding sources of healing, renewal, and energy is essential. Constant offers a very powerful tool to make this happen through her new book. Highly inspirational, beautiful, practical, and deeply human, it resonates with anyone dedicated to nurturing the potential in others. Each entry will help you reflect deeply on your experiences and help guide you into more well-being.?Read?Daily Reflections for Early Childhood Coaches, Leaders, and Life and discover how to infuse your practice with renewed energy, purpose, and a sense of spiritual fulfillment, ensuring that both you and all you touch in early childhood flourish." —Erika Amadee Flores, Founder and CEO, Childflow

"Constant Hine liberates reflective practice from the realm of the mundane and mechanical and helps turn reflection from a mere mental exercise into a deeply personal and spiritual connection to our work. A gift that has the potential to both improve professional practice and cultivate a deep sense of well-being." —Anne Marie Coughlin, educational director, London Bridge Child Care Services

"Never underestimate the power of daily reflections! That is Constant Hine’s message in her new book. It is a clarion call to action for those of us who want to transform and disrupt our traditional ways of thinking about change. She skillfully challenges us to consider daily reflections as a means to become our better selves, as a means to model and influence those we lead, and as means to improve the cognitive and social-emotional outcomes for the children we serve. It is a must read for all early childhood agents of change." —Maurice Sykes, Executive Director, Early Childhood Leadership Institute

About Constant Hine

Constant Hine, MA, is a consultant, trainer, coach, and motivational speaker. Since founding Horizons In Learning LLC in 1988, she has offered consulting services, professional development, and more..