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543605 (Hardcover Book Set)
543605 (Hardcover Book Set)
Age Focus: 3-6
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A favorite set for teachers

A Teacher's Promise

In every classroom, there is a person who cares about the way children learn, grow, and feel—you, the teacher! The affirming verses and fanciful illustrations in A Teacher's Promise express what all teachers wish for the children they teach—that they develop self-confidence, perseverance, curiosity, and an enjoyment of learning. A Teacher's Promise can help ease fears children might have about joining a new classroom or child care setting. The book can help reassure children about the ways adults will guide and teach them, help them when they make mistakes, lead them to discover and imagine, and help them make friends.

32 pages.

Lexile Measure: Adult-directed, Grade 2.

When You Just Have to Roar!

For one reason or another, Ms. Mya's classroom is just not clicking. Jamilla is jumping. Masha is making a mess. And Reese is roaring like a lion for no reason at all. As the day quickly fills with commotion, Ms. Mya knows that she must do something. So she gathers the children together and begins a discussion about classroom expectations. Young children are learning how to control their bodies and emotions—something that can make a classroom feel chaotic and crazy at times. This book is about the ways one teacher helps her students practice managing emotions and behaviors that make everyone happier. Read the book to children to introduce and reinforce these important concepts and support their development of emotional control and self-regulation.

32 pages

Lexile Measure: Adult-directed, Grade 2.

Watch illustrator Priscilla Prentice make Sammi come to life in this video.

Author Rachel Robertson and Illustrator Priscilla Prentice took the time to talk with us about their journey into early childhood education, inspirations and more:

About Rachel Robertson

Rachel Robertson, MA, is the vice president of learning and development for Bright Horizons Family Solutions and was named a Promising Emerging Leader in 2015 by Exchange. She has more than twenty more..

About Priscilla Prentice

Priscilla Prentice started drawing at an early age. Her first art show, at age 3, was on her parent's freshly painted closet door. While they did paint over most of her creation, they left a big more..

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