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542997 (Laminated cards on a ring)
978-1-60554-299-7 (Laminated cards on a ring)
Age Focus: 0-1
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Published by Redleaf Press free sample chapter

40 quick and easy brain-building activity ideas for babies

These age-appropriate ideas emphasize the importance of attachment for healthy social-emotional and cognitive development in infants. Information on how attentive and fun interaction helps a child's brain develop is also included. Brain Insights activity cards are compact and portable, making it easy to jumpstart interactive play anywhere throughout the day.

40 laminated cards on a ring.

About Deborah McNelis

Deborah McNelis is the creator/owner of BrainInsights, a company dedicated to creating awareness and understanding of early brain development. She is an author, speaker, educator, and parent. Her passion is to achieve the best possible outcome for all children. It is Deborah's belief that every child has great potential that can be reached when adults have an understanding of how children's more..