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405577 (DVD Set)
405577 (DVD Set)
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Infants: Physical Development
Watch as infants begin to explore their world and reach different milestones along the way. Learn how a baby's brain develops, what activities help stimulate healthy brain growth, and the importance of proper nutrition and sleep during the first year. See how infants rely on their innate reflexes and how gross and fine motor skills emerge in typically developing children as well as those with challenging conditions. DVD, 30 min. Closed-Captioned.

Infants: Cognitive Development
Infants' brains are actively developing with everything they experience. Examine how newborns fit into the sensorimotor stage—tracing cognitive development from simple reflexes to beginnings of thought. Explore infant intelligence, information processing, and memory. See the progression of infant communication and understand how language is learned. DVD, 28 min. Closed-Captioned.

Infants: Social and Emotional Development
In the first year of life, infants express a range of emotions. Watch as they begin to distinguish the expressions of others and mimic them as well. Examine the different stages of emotional development, and learn how children form attachments with people. Observe how personality and temperament affect an infant's social and emotional growth. 23 minutes. Closed-Captioned.